A thing I done did do. About universities.

As many of you may know/be unaware of/not care about, I work in  the area of higher education policy. I've also recently begun a PhD on this very subject (studying universities at university is the most meta degree EVER). So, I find myself with a lot of higher ed related thoughts which gradually pool over time, until they reach critical mass and spill out all over some unsuspecting word processor. One such Vesuvial missive has ended up on The Mark, a really great website that (present company excluded) publishes work by very interesting Canadians. If you care to give it a look, the article is about the recent tuition review in the UK, and how its proposals may attract some attention in Canada. I'm not sure if quoting yourself on your own blog is a symptom of "The New Douchery", but here's an excerpt anyway:

Let’s be clear on what the Browne Report means. While its recommendations are couched in a stated concern for the quality of the university system and its accessibility to students from all backgrounds, this policy is about one thing and one thing only – reducing the government’s financial obligations to the university system. It doesn’t even increase the overall financial resources available to U.K. universities – it just shifts the burden of paying for the current system onto students and their families.

I've actually done a few things for The Mark, including this article about quality assessment in higher ed, and an audio interview where I hem and haw and say "you know" a lot. If you can get past my bits, it's actually a very interesting piece.