Finally, a leader for the rest of us.

My web guru Robin pointed my towards this Boing Boing post about Jimmy McMillan, a current NY gubernatorial candidate and founder of the Rent is Too Damn High Party. I really encourage you to visit his site for the groovy intro track alone. Anyways, here's a video of Jimmy at the Gubernatorial Debate last night:

As Robin said, "this man is my new hero."

I guess the logical response in this situation is mockery. But I won't make fun of Mr. McMillan, for a few reasons:

  1. He's a karate expert
  2. He's probably right
  3. Really, no more or less ridiculous than, say, Christine O'Donnell, who is somehow a 'legitimate' candidate.

I say if he doesn't win in New York, we invite him to be mayor of Toronto. I'd trust this guy a hell of a lot more than Rob Ford. Or Smitherman, for that matter.