Money additionally acts as a store of worth (money can be held over a time period and used to finance future payments) and as a unit of account (money is used to measure and file the worth of products and belongings, as for instance in compiling the nation’s NATIONAL INCOME accounts). Psychological and psychological components can have an effect on your vitamin. Depression is a typical reason behind weight loss and malnutrition in older adults. Stress and anxiety may also trigger you to eat lower than you need. Dementia and confusion can impair an older grownup’s need to eat and their ability to feed themselves by interfering with selecting which meals to eat, getting meals into the mouth and chewing. Selling a Product. Probably the most important manner companies earn cash is through the selling of merchandise. On this way a company is able to produce a certain product that they are legally allowed to create (they haven’t by some means copyright infringed on another’s idea) and sell it for a revenue.