It’s a true saying that you simply can’t get along with out money. Dried foods can be rather dear in a store. A food dehydrator allows you to preserve fresh, nutritious foods in your own home at a fraction of the price. The shelf lives of dehydrated foods could be many years lengthy. Add your favourite nuts to dehydrated apples, pineapples, grapes, or cranberries for a tasty and healthy path combine. Make genuine meat jerky from beef, poultry and pork. Banana chips are examples of what might be made by dehydrating to three-5 p.c moisture content. It is usually a good suggestion to soak dehydrated meals prior to consumption, preferably in distilled water. This promotes the absorption of simply enough water for optimal style. One other common methodology is inserting dehydrated food in a steamer. Absorbing steam plumps it up superbly.