ECommerce just isn’t new to the world but it is comparatively new to Sri Lanka. Maintaining a healthy diet includes getting the mandatory daily energy you need for vitality in addition to further vitamins from vitamins, protein and carbohydrates. Select recent meals equivalent to vegetables, fruits and entire grains for healthy vitality as an alternative of boxed, canned, frozen or processed meals. Eat recent fish and hen as an alternative of excessive volumes of purple meat to chop down on your saturated fat consumption. Use olive oil instead of lard, butter or margarine. Restrict your consumption of sweet treats and eat fruit as snacks or dessert instead. Choose low-fats dairy as a calcium source and read diet labels to measure the quantity of cholesterol, saturated fats and calories in meals you eat frequently. Consult your physician about a healthy diet plan in your condition and add every day train as a part of a healthy lifestyle.