When you won $1 million tomorrow would you belief a financial planner that will help you together with your cash administration? Since 2000, blue-chip art (defined as those paintings by the top a hundred artists in terms of sales volume) have exhibited robust danger-adjusted returns, and outperformed the S&P 500 by over 250{960021229dc1dc07dce4932a9ddab0b26243ff9ca1f758a9c1fcae84a7a57436} without dividend reinvestment (and one hundred eighty{960021229dc1dc07dce4932a9ddab0b26243ff9ca1f758a9c1fcae84a7a57436} with reinvestment). At the similar time, art just isn’t all that correlated with monetary markets – in a recession high end artwork is relatively steady. To not point out that over time, the number of famous and expensive works accessible for purchase dwindles as masterpieces change into absorbed into everlasting museum collections (or generally destroyed), so the demand for the scarce works nonetheless in personal arms becomes concentrated.