Nowadays, most companies focus on strong, intensive growth. Customer expectations are very high – compared to previous years, it can be said that excellent service has become a standard and is expected by consumers. There can be no mistakes and errors as the competition is very high. For this reason, it is worth taking advantage of all the conveniences that today’s technology offers. Business environment is tough – that’s why you should use business intelligence solutions.

  1. What is business intelligence?
  2. Why do you need business intelligence BI in your company?

What are BI solutions and how could they fit your business needs? Let’s find out.

What is business intelligence?

BI solutions is a system designed to analyze data and generate relevant information. The generated data is then used in decision making. Nowadays, the ability to leverage the importance of data when running a business is very important. It is for this reason that BI was created. It is intended to be a support for decision makers based on big data amounts so that business growth is possible. Using the BI allows you to get a lot of useful information that can be used for operational insights, tactic making or creating business strategy. For example, with this system, you can predict how a company’s actions (among others a raise for employees or a pay cut) might affect the specific areas and many more. However, it is very important not to confuse business intelligence with artificial intelligence. Although these tools appear similar, they are not the same.

Why do you need business intelligence BI in your company?

There is no doubt that BI is extremely useful for businesses. There are a lot of benefits of BI which make many companies decide to use it. First of all, BI could be a big part of the analytics services of the company. BI has made analytics convenient, fast, efficient and accessible to everyone. What is more, it allows for convenient data collection in one place, while maintaining a high level security. The reporting functionality is also much higher compared to solutions without BI. The needs of collecting and analyzing data in companies is very high – most of the steps they take depend on it. In addition to this, a tool to collect and process this data is essential. Nothing is better for this than business intelligence. It is definitely worth taking advantage of the convenience that modern technology offers. This gives the company the freedom to grow and stay ahead of the competition, guaranteeing top quality service to its customers.